Why Queen’s Bath is a Must See Attraction in Kauai

Why Queen’s Bath Is A Must See Attraction In Kauai

Queen’s Bath is a phenomenal sight!!  Today we headed to a hike called Queen’s Bath which was not far from our condo, in Princeville.  It was our second attempt trying to go on this hike because there is very little parking. It is located in a residential neighborhood, with about 8 parking spaces. People will line up waiting for the people that have already gone on the hike to move their car, so they have a parking spot.  There were 5 or 6 cars lined up both times we’ve tried to venture out on this hike. I would recommend going earlier in the morning or if possible walking from your condo if close by.


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There is a sign before you go down the hill basically advising you of all of the imminent dangers that can happen while on the hike.  They make it sound as if you could be heading towards your death.  We heard a lady broke her collar bone the week before, so make sure you’re wearing good hiking shoes or sandals, like Teva’s.  Be ready for a 15-minute hike down a muddy hill holding on to branches while you descend into the mud.  No, just kidding it’s not that bad, but be prepared you will come out dirty.  As you go down the mountain you’ll go past a waterfall, then come to the lava rock which leads to Queens Bath.  It’s much harder going down the hill than on the way up, so at least you know the hard part is over once you get to the bottom.

When you get to the bottom, you will be walking on lava rock and if you continue to the left you will arrive at the area where you can climb down to the bath itself.  There is a rocky inlet where some people may be jumping off the cliff into the ocean. We would definitely suggest a few precautions when taking this hike or jumping off the ledge.  Be aware if it’s high tide the water will come right over the lava rock.  Many people have been swept away, so be careful and be aware of the conditions before venturing on this hike.

Drone footage of the Baths

We got some cool drone footage on the Video

Helpful Hints

Check the weather and surf report. We went during low-tide on a dry day.  The path was still extremely muddy and slippery.  Pick a day when the expected surf is less than 4 feet, and it’s not going to rain.  If you decide to jump off the cliff, be sure you are aware of the tide and rocks beforehand because there are times when it’s quite rough and dangerous.  During high tide, the ocean waves completely cover the area we walked around when entering the bath. I was told about a couple of guys standing on the side of the cliff’s edge, when behind them a huge wave came over the top, pushing them into the water below.  Due to the strong current, they had a hard time getting out and could have been seriously hurt. Wear good hiking/water shoes. You will need decent hiking shoes; I can’t tell you how many broken flip-flops I saw on this hike. It was quite muddy with a lot of roots which is basically how you maneuver your way up and down the hill.  Needless to say, it was a tough climb through all the tree roots and mud, but definitely, something not to be missed. Bring a backpack, so your hands are free during the climb, you’re going to need them!! We found a great backpack that folds into a small bag, that can be clipped to our carry-on bag.  My husband carries our cooler backpack with camera equipment, lunch, and drinks. Mine is a little smaller and it doubles as a purse when we’re traveling.  I really like it, because they don’t take up room in my suitcase, it’s quick-drying and easy to clean.  My hands were very dirty because I kept having to catch myself from falling or I was trying to grab things so I wouldn’t fall over. I didn’t have the best balance on this day (maybe a little too much wine the night before).  The view while perched on the massive lava rocks is gorgeous!!  I tried to take many pictures, but they don’t do it justice.  It’s one of those experiences you have to see for yourself. My husband took a video and drone video, so we do have footage of this spectacular attraction in this blog post.  After spending a couple of hours here, we decided it was time to move on.  Like I said the hike up wasn’t so bad, but we were very dirty when finished.  So make sure you have good hiking shoes, you wear a swimsuit under your clothes, because you may want to take a dip in “Queens Bath”. Oh and no white shirt. Have fun and be careful! Daily Boutique Deals

If you are interested in seeing the video of our day visiting Queen’s Bath, it’s on this blog post. I hope you found our tips to be useful and you are excited to visit this spectacular attraction.  Feel free to pass on experiences while visiting the Queen’s Bath and Kauai.  We’d love to hear from you.

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