The Most Romantic Beach for Couples in Las Galeras

Playa Fronton Beach

Playa Fronton Beach is the most romantic beach for couples in Las Galeras. 

We drove from Las Terrenas to Las Galeras today on our motoconcho. What an exciting, yet stressful adventure, because it rained toward the end of the drive.  A word of advice, try to avoid driving a motoconcho in the rain, there are many huge pit holes in the road which makes it scary. Unfortunately, we have not found a reliable weather app in the Dominican Republic, or we would have planned around the weather.


After arriving at our little rustic cabin in the tropics, we decided to head to the downtown area of Las Galeras to find something to eat.  We met a lady who owns one of the shops in town, and she recommended Adventura Pizzeria. We sat at the bar, and we started talking to Fausto, the head bartender about fun things to do in Las Galeras.   We told him that we wanted to go to Playa Fronton Beach, “the most romantic beach for couples in Las Galeras”.  He said that he had some friends who would take us. He said that he could hook us up with a boat for a reasonable price, to take us to Playa Fronton Beach for the day. Although we were a bit nervous, as the night went on we felt more confident that Fausto was a cool guy.  

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“Love is better at the beach.”

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The Adventure Begins


We got up early the next morning and headed to the beach to meet up with Fausto and to meet his friends.  Fausto was right on time to meet us with a smile, ready to introduce us to our captain and show us to the boat. We handed over the money and hoped for the best. Needless to say, we were not disappointed!!

If you are interested in setting something up to go to Playa Fronton Beach or Playa Rincon Beach, Fausto’s contact information is and his phone number is (829) 839-5452.

The ride to Playa Fronton Beach was absolutely gorgeous; the cliffs are filled with caves within the towering rocks.  The cliffs about were 50 feet high with rock caves and pounding surf slamming against the rocks. The boat ride was 15 minutes; there wasn’t another boat in sight until we got to the beach.  When we pulled up, there were only two other boats and a total of 8 people on the entire beach.

It was one of the most isolated beaches we’ve ever been too, as the primary way to get here is by boat. From what we’ve heard you can hike in, although it can be dangerous. We heard about a family that while hiking to the beach, they were attacked by a few guys with a machete who threatened their life and robbed them. Now I’m sure people hike in without incidence many times, so realize this may be a rarity, but we want to pass on the information we learned.  So if you decide to walk in, we suggest going with a guide.

What an amazing adventure

Please read this blog and watch the video. We explain exactly how to get here and who to trust


Our captain left us with his helper on the beach, and he said he would be back at 3 p.m. that day. We walked all around the beach, walking to the furthest end where you can walk around the rocks to another completely private beach. The beach is a bit rocky for swimming, we did see people snorkeling, and there are many shells and coral all along the beach. There were many coconut trees which provided shade if you did not want to sit in the sun the entire time.


The beach faces east, so by mid-afternoon, there is not a lot of sun on the sun,  except for on the ocean water. Some of the guys that came over with the other boat brought fish to be barbecued, which was available for purchase. You can find your private area of the sand, and it is one of the most relaxing, beautiful experiences we have had yet.  

Make sure you take sunscreen, water, and food because there is no restaurant or amenities on the beach other than the local guys that bring the fish to cook.  They do have beer and rum for sale too. Of course, we brought our trusty cooler backpack, which we have used every day. If you want to check it out here’s the Amazon link.


All of a sudden, some of the local guys started yelling and running while pointing to the ocean.  We couldn’t figure out what was going on because people on the beach did not speak English. Finally, we figured out someone saw a whale.

A few of the guys jumped in their boats, one of them waved us over to see if we wanted to find the whales.  Of course, we jumped at the chance, barely remembering to grab our stuff as we jumped in the small boat with a couple of ladies. It felt like a bat out of hell while racing from pirates.

One of the guys, literally stood on the bow of the boat looking for the whales, while we were racing through the waves. I handed the last of two life jackets for the older lady only to realize Joel, and I had no life jacket.  Oh well, we were so excited at the possibility of seeing whales we didn’t care.

After about 15 minutes of looking, we saw water squirt out from the waves and then we were off again as if pirates were chasing us.  We did stop a distance away from where we saw the squirting water to wait. I was glad to see they weren’t taking to boat too close, as I’m sure that would scare the whales and couldn’t be good.  We were not disappointed as this magnificent creature emerged from the ocean. It was truly a magical sight! There were two whales swimming side by side!!

They swam away, and off we went looking for them again.  After about 10 minutes, we found two different whales; I’m not sure maybe they were the same.  This time we were lucky enough to see one of the whales lift his tail in the air. We were completely awestruck by the experience of seeing these beautiful creatures in their habitat.  It made our day or maybe even our trip!!

This beach was perfect in so many ways, and we highly recommend it to couples as one of the most romantic beaches we have been to in the Dominican Republic, with the possibility of adventure, if you are there during whale season.  We visited this beach January 19th, so whale season had just begun. Whale season is January 15th through March 31st, with the best time being late February when the male whales get really frisky.

“I love you to the beach and back.”

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Closing Words

The Most Romantic Beach for Couples in Las Galeras is Playa Fronton Beach, because with of its seclusion and overall unspoiled beauty.  It has turned out to be one of our favorite beaches on our trip.  It is a must for couples who want to get away from the more touristy beaches. Check out our video above which shows our experience on the boat seeing the whales.  If you are interested in other secluded beaches on the Samana peninsula, click here.

If you are interested in seeing our video it’s on this blog post above. I hope you found our tips to be useful and you are excited to visit the Playa Fronton Beach on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic.  

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