Must See Small Town Wineries In Tuscany (w/video)

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We toured many wineries throughout Tuscany, dividing our week-long accommodations between 2 areas to maximize the number of towns we could visit during our stay. Here is our “Must See Small Town Wineries In Tuscany (w/video)” article.

We recommend renting a car, driving through the countryside and splitting your week (if you have that long) between southern and northern Tuscany. We rented a car after our stay in Rome and made our way through the Tuscany region to the Liguria region near Cinque Terre. If you want to read and see the video of our road trip from Rome through Tuscany, click here.

We visited many wineries during our stay in Tuscany, and we’ve included the wineries we felt had the best all-around experience, including the wine, service, tour, location, views, and overall appeal. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit all the wineries in Tuscany. I’m sure there are fantastic wineries which did not make our list. Here are the small town wineries in Tuscany we loved.

“Wine takes the edge off adulting.”

Azienda Agricola San Quirico & Villa Pillo

1. Azienda Agricola San Quirico

Azienda Agricola San Quirico has been in the Vecchione family since 1860. The vineyard extends for 15 hectares (37 acres approx.), half of which is devoted to the Vernaccia di San Gimignano and the other half are Chianti Colli Senesi and San Gimignano Rosso.

The winery has been bottling wine for commerce since 1974 both nationally and internationally. In 1966 Vernaccia Di San Gimignano was the first Italian wine to receive the mark of guarantee DOC and in 1993 the mark of guarantee and control – DOCG. The DOCG rating is the highest designation of quality among Italian wines.

A few things that stood out to us when visiting this winery was the passion of our tour guide even though he’s not blood-related to the family. He was very accommodating by including us in his next tour. His knowledge base of the region and winery was extensive. The vineyard and grape trees are self irrigating (relying on rainwater exclusively), no pesticides, all-natural establishment, they even pick all the grapes and olives by hand. Considering they are DOCG rated, they must adhere to strict standards.

We went on a fantastic tour of their facilities, with our guide explaining every aspect of the winemaking process. Following the tour, we were able to taste their wines, and we have to say not only was the tour fantastic, but the wines were excellent too.

Azienda Agricola San Quirico
Località Pancole, 35, 53037 San Gimignano SI, Italy
Hours: Daily 10 am – 7 pm
For more information email:

2. Villa Pillo

Villa Pillo is a traditional Tuscan farm winery founded in medieval times. It’s located in the heart of the Chianti area not far from Pisa, Florence, and Siena. The estate of 400 hectares (988 acres approx.) was purchased in 1989 by John in Kathe Tyson. After the purchase, new vineyards and olive orchards were planted, and the winery was refurbished and modernized. Roughly 40 hectares (approximately 98 acres) of vines have been planted and positioned on the best sites of the estate to benefit from the soil types and conditions.

One of the reasons we loved this winery was the time Megan, the employee spent with us. She spent a great deal of time explaining the region, the winery and even took us down to the wine cellar which was built in the mid-1700s. They have a tasting room, shop, and a wine cellar. We really enjoyed the experience and the wines from Villa Pillo.

It’s a nice feeling to go into a business and not feel like you’re being rushed along. Megan answered all of our questions, and then some. She did a short presentation on corks and the different bottles of wines. She went above and beyond, which was much appreciated.

Villa Pillo
Strada Provinciale 4 Volterrana, 24, 50050 Gambassi Terme FI, Italy
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 12:30pm, 2:00pm – 6:30pm/Sat. 10am – 5:30pm


3. Valvirginio

Valvirginio is a short 2-minute drive north of Villa Pillo. It’s a cooperative Tuscan winery with its production center in the valley by the River Virgininio in the municipality of Montespertoli. Today after 40 years, more than 850 companies mainly located in the areas of production of Chianti DOCG, Chianti Classico, Tuscany IGT, Tuscany IGP oil, give their crops to the production sites of this co-operative. The wines are sold to consumers in the domestic market and foreign market.

Valvirginio pays specific attention to environmental protection; they’re the first cooperative Tuscany winery that is equipped with a photovoltaic system that allows you to produce and use clean energy.  They are the first cooperative manufacturer of Chianti.

We liked the wines at Valvirginio, and Eduardo even opened a few new bottles of wine for us to taste. Funny story, he’s from Portugal but lived in Riverside in Southern California 20 years ago. We have lived in throughout Southern California for the last 10 years, and Christie has lived there most of her life. It seems like a small world when you meet someone across the continent which used to live where you live. Again, he was very personable, incredibly kind, and welcoming.

Valvirginio – Cantina Sociale Colli Fiorentini
Via Granocchiaia, 34, 50025 Montespertoli FI, Italy
Hours: Unknown

4. Agricola Tamburini

Agricola Tamburini wines go back to the 19th century. They have a passion for cultivating vines and olives, which has been the basis of their daily work since the start of the 1900s and still is now five generations later. Today the farm covers 50 hectares (123 acres approx.) of land between the historic Chianti region in the prestigious Montalcino production area, where they make a small selection of Brunello di Montalcino DOCG. In addition to the vines, the farm has approximately 1,000 olive trees which produce organic extra virgin olive oil. Tamburini wines and olive oil products are sold in Italy and abroad.

This winery was probably one of our favorites in regards to how aesthetically pleasing it was. The grounds were impeccably kept with the inside being quaint and simple. They were cooking in the kitchen, and the smells from the house were inviting. Joel said it reminded him of his childhood in Canada during the fall, with the fireplace going and food on the stove. We took some drone footage, which is on the video in this post.

This winery is in a gorgeous area of Tuscany with beautiful views of the countryside from every direction you look. It would be a perfect place for a party or get-together as the outside has many tables and areas from which to sit, relax and drink wine overlooking the vineyard. One Chianti we especially liked is called “The Boss,” which was named after the family matriarch and owner. Tamburini a 10-minute drive southeast of Valvirginio.

Agricola Tamburini
106 Via Catignano, Gambassi Terme, FI 50050, Italy
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9am – 6pm

Corbucci & Santa Lucia

5. Azienda Agricola Corbucci
When you first arrive at Azienda Agricola Corbucci, you may feel as if you’ve arrived at someone’s home. It has the appearance of a typical house until you go to the rear of the property, where you will find unbelievable expansive views of their vineyard and the beautiful countryside. It was evident after talking with them and looking around the winery; they have a great passion for what they’re doing and for the wine they’re producing.

Located in the heart of Tuscany, they produce different types of wine such as the famous Chianti DOCG, the San Gimignano DOCG white, and Francesco Paolo Corbucci, along with other exclusive wines. We enjoyed all of our tastings, and we would highly recommend this winery, for both the fantastic views, the excellent attention paid by the staff, and of course the wine.

Corbucci was not only a beautiful winery but enjoyable as well. We were greeted warmly, given several wine tastings, cheese, and a meat platter. Corbucci had gorgeous views, excellent wine, and fantastic hospitality. The personal attention was fantastic, and this quickly became one of our favorite wineries in Tuscany. It’s so different than a large winery in Napa where everybody is running around trying to get tastings out and sell bottles of wine.

Azienda Agricola Corbucci
Strada Provinciale 64 Certaldese II, 25/A, 50050 Gambassi Terme FI, Italy
Hours: Daily 9am – 7pm

Wine On Sale 728x90 Banner

6. Santa Lucia Vini

Santa Lucia Vini is located in Gambassi Terme on the Valdelsa hills. Most of the vineyard is 300 meters on the sea level. They are well-known for their bottle of red wine called Domino. Domino is an IGT wine; it’s an exquisite and full-bodied wine which is aged in small oak barrels. It’s recommended with red meats, cheese, and typical Tuscan cuisine.

It’s important to note that this winery should be visited by appointment only. They were kind enough to show us around although an appointment is recommended. They didn’t speak English, and they still took the time to take us around and show us how they bottle the wine. Even though the language barrier was difficult, they tried.

Santa Lucia Vini
Strada Statale Aurelia 264, Fonteblanda, Grosseto
Hours: Unknown

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Small Town Tuscany Wineries

This video shows our week visiting small town Tuscany Wineries while in Italy

The Montecarlo Region

One of the best places to visit wineries is the Montecarlo region in the province of Lucca, and it’s home to one of the earliest DOC’s. Montecarlo is a small village which was built in two years from 1333 to 1335, and it still retains its medieval structure. There’s a beautiful fortress with ancient walls, a crypt, a medieval church, and an 18th Century Theater. Montecarlo wines are unusual for the region and that they are commonly made from Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Blanco grape varieties. The Montecarlo region differs from the other Tuscany regions because of the mild climate and its location near the sea.

The Montecarlo region has one of the earliest DOC’s, it’s known for robust wine production, and extensive rolling vineyards. The region consists of 10 wineries which started to produce wine before Napoleon during Medieval Times. We found this region to be one of our favorites while in Tuscany.

7. Fattoria del Teso

Fattoria del Teso winery is in the Montecarlo Lucca region. It dates back to Roman times. The property consists of 70 hectares (173 acres approx.) with 30 to 35 as the vineyard. This winery caters to groups, large parties, and weddings in addition to offering wine tastings. You can choose to taste the top-ranking wines in the old cellar by the ancient barrels or in the small cozy relaxation corners created outside.

Fattoria del Teso offers several options which include a tasting of 5 wines, with the choice of appetizers, a light lunch, or a full lunch. We didn’t have an appointment, yet they went out of their way to make room for us, taking us around their grounds, and providing a full tasting. Their service was exemplary, and the wine was excellent. We suggest making a reservation to be sure they can accommodate your needs.

Also, they offer cooking classes, group tastings, and weddings on site. They showed us an area that you could rent out and have a Tuscany style BBQ with family and friends. We have a video of the grounds and winery in this post.  

Fattoria del Teso
Via della Poltroniera, snc, 55015 Montecarlo LU, Italy
Daily: 11am – 5:30pm

8. Buonamico Winery

Buonamico winery is a 5-minute drive northwest of Fattoria del Teso. It was established in 1964, and it covers 100 hectares (247 acres approx.), 48 hectares of which are dedicated to specialized vineyards. The winery was founded by a renowned restaurant owner in the late 1960s, to furnish his restaurant with wines from the Montecarlo region. Today the estate is owned by the Fontana family who has expanded the vineyard, and wine while preserving the essential characteristics of ancient winemaking. Buonamico winery has now become one of the leading producers of fine wines in the Montecarlo region.

We named this winery the “Instagram winery” because everything was picture perfect. As we walked through the tasting and sitting rooms, it was as if each area was set up for the perfect Instagram photo. There is a sitting area off the wine tasting room that has the appearance of an upscale library except instead of books; there were wine bottles on display. It would be a perfect place to relax with a glass of wine and a good book.

The property is perched on a hilltop surrounded by picturesque rolling vineyards and olive trees. The resort includes a hotel which consists of 11 luxury suites, a wellness center, an on-site restaurant called Syrah, a wine shop, and of course the winery. Buonamico is a beautiful winery with upscale offerings throughout which offers various options for a tour, tastings, or even accommodations. If you want to make reservations or you’re interested in more information, click here for


Closing Words

I hope you found our “Must-See Small Town Wineries In Tuscany” to be useful and you are excited to visit the area to enjoy some wine tasting.  

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