Honeymoon Accommodations on Isla Mujeres Mexico

While traveling the world we look for honeymoon destinations and resorts that we would recommend to our subscribers. We always tour a few resorts, and at the end of our stay in each country, we select one resort to highlight in a video and blog post. We interview the manager, tour the property, and find out about all the amenities so we can be confident with our recommendation for the best romantic honeymoon resort for our subscribers.   

Full disclosure, we did not stay here nor is the property compensating us for our review. We do these blog posts after spending time in the location, talking with locals and long term expats. We do however spend a lot of time checking the area, making sure we feel safe, eating at the restaurants, etc. We always tour a few properties before deciding. For us, the surroundings, (natural beauty) and amenities carry the most weight in our decision.


After five weeks in the Yucatan, we chose Na Balam for Honeymoon Accommodations on Isla Mujeres Mexico  Isla Mujeres in Spanish means “Island of Women”.  If you looking to stay away from busy Cancun, yet close enough to check it out by day, the serenity of Isla Mujeres may be just what you’re looking for in a romantic honeymoon destination.  It’s a short 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun.  We saw many beautiful places while traveling throughout Mexico, but this island and more specifically Na Balam stuck with us. If you like island life, this place is for you!

Na Balam is steps away from Playa Norte Beach in Isla Mujeres, which is considered #7 out of 25 most beautiful beaches in the world by Trip Advisor. Its bright blue waters with beautiful white sand beaches make it a serene and relaxing unforgettable destination.  This is not the top “high-end resort” in regards to cost on the island, this is more about the location, experience, and bang for the buck.  

Nestled along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Na Balam is both exciting and tranquil. While touring the property we were amazed that you could be drinking and dancing on the beach one moment, walk 3 minutes, and be in a pool with the only the sound of birds chirping.

The property is oceanfront with 20 rooms including suites, pool & jacuzzi, day spa, bar & restaurant, and they offer on-site weddings right on the beach. There is an onsite yoga school, along with yoga classes.  There are many packages available, which also include excursions.

 “Fall in love with somebody who will never let you go to sleep wondering if you still matter.”


Yoga & The Rooms

World Renowned Yoga Instructors 

NaBalam has a world renown yoga studio and school.  We were able to interview the head yoga instructor Lal. Lori and Lal have been teaching and practicing yoga at this location for 25 years. Hopefully, the video included in this post gives you a good sense of what to expect. Yoga classes are only $15, they are held daily at 9 am, 11 am, and 6 pm. Private lessons are available.

The Rooms

You do have a few choices in regards to size and location. On the video, in this blog post, we do a tour of one of the two bedrooms. There are also standard hotel rooms that are both directly on the beach or across the road, and there is a whole other section by the pool.

Our personal opinion??

It was great to walk out your door and be on the beach within 100 steps, but the area by the pool across the street was SOOOOO quiet and peaceful. Joel almost fell asleep walking around, mid-stride. Again, check the video of the pool area; hopefully, the audio gives it some justice. I don’t think you can go wrong staying at either location.

If you want to check out the cost of a room at NaBalam, click here.   Also, take a look at the Na Balam website if you want more information on a destination wedding or any other specific amenities. Click here. 

Na Balam Hotel

In every country we visit we try and find properties that have great locations that allow couples to relax and have a wonderful time together while on their honeymoon or romantic vacation

Isla Mujeres


Na Balam does have its own restaurant Oceanus Beach Club & Restaurant on the beach, and it looks terrific. Giancarlo, the General manager of the resort, was explaining that all the fresh fish is cooked on a grill (wood fire) and then finished in the wood-fired oven. The aroma was to die for! One thing that we both liked is you could sit at the bar, have a drink and watch them cook your meal.

There are many other restaurants and shopping options in the main part of town, just a short walk from Na Balam.  We were actually quite surprised how many options are available on an island this small. The main cobblestone street has many quality restaurants, bars, and shopping.

More things to do on Isla Mujeres

The first thing you should do is walk up and down Playa Norte Beach (North Beach), spend some time in the water and relax. Joel usually can’t sit still for 2 minutes before he’s up filming or walking along the beach looking for food, but he sat and enjoyed the beach for an hour this time. The blue water is gorgeous; there was very little wind, practically no waves, and perfect fine white sand beach as far as you can see. You can walk out a good 100 yards and still be waist deep. It was one of my favorite beaches ever!

Side note, I loved the swinging seats at Boho’s bar right on the beach.  Check the gallery to see what I mean — an excellent DIY project for your hubby.

Go to the main cobblestone street and do a little shopping. There are many restaurants and bars along with lots of shops, so if your hubby gets bored, you can send him to get a beer.

Rent a golf cart or scooter for a day or two.  If you didn’t rent a golf cart or scooter, jump in a cab (they’re really cheap) to see the beautiful sunset at Punta Sur at the south end of the island. We took some fantastic shots from that vantage point.

There is fantastic snorkeling, scuba diving, and you can even swim with the Whale Sharks on Isla Mujeres.

Just so you’re aware we have specific criteria we use when determining the “best” honeymoon location and resort for our subscribers. When we choose a destination, it has to check all the boxes.

  • Do they cater to couples?
  • Is it a place where you can build and strengthen your relationship?
  • Are there adventurous things you can do together?
  • Are they relaxing things to do together?
  • If you’ve been together for a while, will this place inspire you to renew your love and enhance your experiences as a couple?
  • Will this trip improve your perspective in life?
  • What can you learn about each other while traveling?

If you decide to go to this hotel for your honeymoon or to get away as a couple let us know how you like it, we love to hear from our subscribers.

If you decide to head to other areas of the Yucatan, we spent five weeks in the area, and we have numerous blog posts for Mexico. I’ve included a few of the links below.

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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”    – Dr. Seuss


Closing Words

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