El Salto El Limón Waterfall in The Dominican Republic

El Salto El Limón Waterfall In The Dominican Republic

The Road to El Limon from Las Terrenas

Today we set out from Las Terrenas on our motoconcho to see the El Salto El Limón Waterfall in The Dominican Republic. It’s a 35-minute drive east of Las Terrenas. We went on this hike in January, and the road wasn’t busy.  It was a beautiful drive through the countryside with greenery everywhere.

  • Should I Hike To The Waterfall Or Travel By Horseback?

As you approach El Limon, you will know that you are close, because locals along the side of the road will start to flag you down so they can guide you to the waterfall. You can choose to hike the path or go by horseback. You do not need to pay a guide to take you on this hike, as it is quite doable on your own. Of course, if you decide to take a horse, there will be a guide with you for the entire way.

If you are in relatively good shape, I would skip the horses and hike the trail. The path is quite muddy and slippery, so I would advise wearing hiking shoes or sandals rather than flip-flops. From what I’ve been told, if it’s during the rainy season, you may be wading in water while going through the path. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the actual waterfall. The trail goes alongside a stream, and it’s easy to follow and well-marked.

  • Where Can I Find The Starting Point Of The Hike?

There are a few locations where you can begin the hike. We got lucky and found an excellent spot where we could park our motoconcho, eat afterward, and we met a new Dominican friend who speaks English!! We highly recommend Ismael from Salto del Limon Parada Ismael.

We always heard that people from the Dominican Republic are really friendly people, and Ishmael definitely fits that description. He is 80 years old and one of the nicest people we have met so far. He owns a restaurant that he runs with his entire family, grandchildren included. He took great care of us by watching our motoconcho, giving us advice for the hike, even offering to have lunch prepared for us upon our return.  He doesn’t sell cerveza, but he would have a couple waiting for us when we returned from the hike.

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Coming from Las Terrenas, as you come into El Limon you will see a few options on the left for the hike. You will know this, because of all of the guys trying to wave you down from the side of the road, and trying to convince you that you need a guide for this trail. Unless you were looking for a guide just say no. Continue until you get to is Salto del Limon Parada Ismael’s on the left side. The video on this blog pins precisely the location of Ismael’s restaurant and where to park.


El Limon Waterfall Hike

This video documents our trip to El Limon and the waterfall hike.

Final Tips

  • What Can I Expect?

After leaving our motoconcho, we headed off towards the waterfall. The scenery was amazing with huge trees and ferns lining the path, alongside a running stream. Like I said earlier the trail is quite muddy, and in this mud includes a lot of horse poop. So make sure you have good shoes. It hadn’t rained in a few days, although it was muddy, I can imagine during the rainy season it would be extremely muddy and slippery.  My favorite hiking sandal is Teva because they are great for hiking, yet still cute for wearing around town. Another added benefit is they do not take up a lot of room in my suitcase. Here’s the Amazon link if you would like to check them out for yourself. Click Here.   

At the entrance to the waterfall, there’s an area where you can buy food, drinks and a place selling art and handmade jewelry. Just past this area, is someone in a booth selling tickets to the waterfall. The cost to enter is 50 Pesos or USD 1 per person. There is a restroom next to the booth. At this point, it is approximately 220 steps to the waterfall.

  • What Should I Bring?

You may want to wear a swimsuit, as many people are swimming beneath the waterfall. I would suggest bringing water to drink along the way. We took a little picnic and water.  We use a backpack called Primocean backpack with cooler bag. We love this backpack because the top portion holds our camera gear, swimsuits, towels, etc. There are compartments for your phone, keys, sunscreen and the bottom half of the backpack is an insulated cooler with plenty of room to pack drinks and food for the day.  I’ve included an Amazon link if you would like to check it out. Click Here.

  • We Made It To The Waterfall!!

I have to say this was definitely worth it!! The falls cascade 164 feet into a deep pool of water. Locals were jumping off the edge into the water below. The water temperature in January was approximately 70 degrees, so although it was a bit cool, it was refreshing. There are many places to take pictures with the waterfall in the background. There is plenty of room to picnic, swim, and enjoy the gorgeous falls before heading back.   

During our time at the waterfall, Joel took a few drone shots; however, it was very windy, so they are limited.  The drone we use is the DJI Spark. We like it because it is compact, which is good for traveling, it’s easy to manage and it gets fantastic footage in 1080p.  If you want to check it out for yourself here’s the Amazon link.  Click Here.

  • Time to head back…

It is a bit of a workout at first on the way back because of all the stairs. We felt like we got our cardio in, after going up the 220 + stairs. Once we returned to is Ismael’s, he brought us a beer, and we decided to try the fried bananas, which are actually plantains. They were quite tasty.  He has pork or fish that he will cook to order if you want a full meal. 

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Closing Words


It was a fabulous day, seeing the El Salto El Limón Waterfall in The Dominican Republic along with the pristine jungle and meeting a new Dominican friend. We highly recommend visiting El Limón waterfall and spending some time at Salto del Limon Parada Ismael’s…….. 😁

If you are interested in seeing our video it’s on this blog post above. I hope you found our tips to be useful and you are excited to visit the El Limon Waterfall on the Samana Penisula in the Dominican Republic.  

Our goal while traveling the world is to help couples find the best cultural experiences in every country while keeping costs very reasonable. We have become experts in planning travel and not breaking the bank!!

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