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While traveling the world, we thought it would be a great idea to give our subscribers exact numbers of how much it costs to live in each country for one month.  We stay in each country for 1 month, and we document everything we do, including all expenses.  Here’s our “Cost of Living for a Couple in Greece” post.

Greece was the first country we visited during the European leg of our journey. There were many revelations along with a few mistakes, and hopefully, we will do better during the rest of our travels this year.

A few things that surprised us right off the bat in Greece were; paying for a public toilet (usually ,25 (1/4) Euro), a typical coffee is really small (think 2 sips) often an espresso type drink and the local food is quite inexpensive and delicious.

Our goal is to live the culture and experience every place as a local would. We try to find the most economical way to live in these countries while having a great time experiencing everything the country has to offer.

We mostly stay in Airbnb’s. The only exception would be at the beginning or end of each month. We often stay a night or two in the city we are flying in or out of. The reason we don’t use Airbnb’s for less than a three-night stay is that the service and cleaning fee often add up to more than using our points or staying in a moderately priced hotel.

Naxos & Santorini

Where Did We Stay?
Naxos – Santorini – Athens – Thessaloniki – Corfu

In May of 2019, we started our trip on the beautiful island of Naxos, after a 1-night stay in Athens. If you’ve never heard of Naxos or you’ve ever considered visiting a Greek island, you should take a look at our blog post & video “Your Complete Travel Guide For Naxos Greece.” Naxos was one of our absolute favorite places we’ve ever been!! There is so much to do and see on the island of Naxos you will never get bored. In addition to the blog post, we produced many videos while in Naxos. If you want to check them out the links are below:

Your Complete Travel Guide For Naxos Greece
Naxos Tips
Naxos – One of the Most Beautiful Drives on Earth
Beaches of Naxos
Naxos Drone Shots

After Naxos, we headed to Santorini for a couple of days. Santorini wasn’t on our initial travel plan; however, we were so close (a ferry ride away) we decided we had to see the famous Santorini sunset from Oia. Wow, was it amazing!! We watched the sunset in the village of Oia along the caldera cliffs with the whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches and it was one of the most magnificent, if not the best sunset I’ve ever seen. We have drone shots and video from our time in Santorini if you want to take a look click here.  

We preferred Naxos over Santorini except for the sunset. For us, Santorini was too crowded and two days was enough. We were able to see the sunset, walk through some of the small towns, and visit the Akrotiri (Bronze Age settlement) while we were in Santorini. Our suggestion would be to stay on Naxos (less expensive), take a ferry to Santorini and stay a night or two. We even have an excellent hotel recommendation 20 minutes from Oia in the central part of town for $50 bucks a night! Click here to check it out on

Athens & Thessaloniki

After Santorini, we stayed in Athens for eight days. We stayed in an Airbnb in the central proximity of downtown Athens at the north end. We could walk most places; although, taxis are everywhere, so it’s not a problem finding a ride. One piece of advice when it comes to jumping in a taxi is, to ask them to turn on the meter and if they say no take the next taxi.

Athens has a big problem with illegal taxi drivers taking advantage of tourists by not using their meter. We learned this firsthand after paying double because he told us a dollar amount, and without knowing we said “okay.” From what we heard, the police are trying to crack down on it but just be aware. We started asking every driver if he had a meter and to turn it on, from then on, taxi rides were cheap.

We took a few tours while in Athens, which we highly suggest unless you have a lot of time. We recommend both tour companies, Urban Adventures or Athens Walking Tours. We have blog posts and videos for both if you want more information. The Urban Adventures Tour was one of the best we’ve ever been on; it included food and drinks at local bars, restaurants, and a walking tour around Athens finishing as a rooftop bar overlooking the Acropolis.

Best Happy Hour & Nightlife Tour In Athens (Posh Happy hour and Twilight Athens Tour)

Urban Adventure Tours

Best Athens Acropolis Walking Tour

After Athens, we headed to Thessaloniki. It’s important to note airfare traveling between towns and countries within Europe is reasonable compared to American standards when flying. We found their transportation system is excellent, with trains and buses as economical alternatives throughout Greece.

As we did in Athens, we stayed in the most central part of the town. We typically do this in big cities because there is so much to see and do we do not want to waste time on public transportation trying to get to the sights. I like to find places to stay where we can walk to restaurants, stores, and tourist sights. We have to say Thessaloniki was our 2nd favorite town after Naxos. We loved Thessaloniki, and I’m so glad I added it to our Greece itinerary. If you would like to check out our post and video from Thessaloniki see below.

Your Complete Travel Guide For Thessaloniki Greece

Best Nightlife Tour In Thessaloniki

Accommodations Costs


Our last stop in Greece was the island of Corfu, it was fun but not a place we would probably return. On the positive side, we loved our Airbnb! It had one of the most beautiful views we have had the privilege of experiencing to date. The cons? we rented a manual (stick shift – typical of the area) car, and it was terrifying to drive around this island because of the narrow, curvy roads and hills.  Secondly, we personally felt the island was simply overrated.  We took a tour from the south side of the island, which was fun; however, most of the “must see” spots on this island didn’t seem worth the hype.

Accommodations – $951 for the month (Santorini we used airline points)

Note: We use specific credit cards because of travel benefits. If you are interested check out our post “The 3 Top Credit Cards For Travelers”.

We book all of our lodging accommodations through Airbnb or If you are interested in booking a hotel or checking prices, please use our link at no cost to you. Click here for

If you are interested in checking out Airbnb prices, click here. You will receive a $40 travel credit after your first booking.


Transportation Car/Taxi/Uber/Bus/Scooter – $765

Our local transportation included planes, trains, taxis, buses, a scooter, and a ferry. Be aware if you plan to rent a car or scooter in Greece, most rental car companies will require you to have a valid international drivers license. It’s simple to get before leaving the United States, go to your local AAA and the cost is $20.

We flew to Athens, then Naxos after a 2-day travel cancelation nightmare when trying to get a flight out of Arizona. We wrote about our experience on What To Do If Your Flight Is Canceled if you are interested in what we learned and how to avoid our experience.  

The morning after flying into Athens, we took a flight to Naxos. You have two options to fly or take a ferry because we were a couple of days late getting to Naxos and exhausted we opted for the flight. While in Naxos we rented a scooter which we often do because we love the flexibility and we think its loads of fun! We were able to see most of the island this way and let me tell the views were picturesque and breathtaking driving through the hills of Naxos. We highly recommend renting a scooter if you are visiting during a warmer time of the year. In the winter we would choose a car because it would be too cold.

Your Complete Travel Guide For Naxos Greece

After Naxos, we took a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride to Santorini. You can fly or go by ferry. We enjoyed the ferry ride because we were able to see neighboring islands along the way. While in Santorini we took local buses.

After Santorini, we used the city buses and taxis in Athens. Be careful in Athens because there are a lot of illegal taxi drivers who don’t use the meter so they can charge unknowing tourists higher fares.  We did a lot of walking while in Athens, I hit 20,000 steps on most days, so bring good shoes.

In Thessaloniki, we took city buses, a few taxis and we walked a lot!! By the time we finished our stay in Thessaloniki, my feet and legs were so sore even with proper shoes.

From Thessaloniki to Corfu we took a shuttle bus and then the ferry. The drive through northern Greece is beautiful. In Corfu, we rented a car, which I said earlier, and that was not a fun experience for us at all.

Excursions & Food Costs

Excursions/Tours – $425

We decided to take a few tours while in Greece because we aren’t history buffs, so it was impossible to know and understand everything we were looking at when going through the many museums and towns. In Corfu and Naxos, we planned our itineraries based on research and talking to locals in the area.

In Athens and Thessaloniki, we did the same, although, we added tours to learn about the history of the area. We are glad we made this choice, especially when visiting the Acropolis. We went on a few city walks which we highly encourage as the guides were knowledgeable and we learned a lot of things we wouldn’t have learned otherwise. In most of the museums, we used the audioguides.

Urban Adventure Tours

Restaurants – $498 & Grocery – $405

We ate out a lot in Greece, partially because we moved accommodations 6 times and the local food is inexpensive. Joel probably ate a gyro every day. They were huge and under 3 euros. Gyros seemed to be everywhere you looked. Bakeries and ice cream stores are on every corner. The food was excellent in Greece, and for the most part, it was reasonably priced and many times less expensive than going to the store and making it yourself. We would get take out many times and have food left over for the next day. Also, if you like wine as we do, make sure you try the local wines, they are good and inexpensive. If you are in Naxos, try their local Rose its strong and some say it has aphrodisiac qualities. lol

Athens Coffee

The coffee drink I fell in love with is the Freddo Cappuccino and the Freddo Espresso. It’s the Greek version of iced coffee.

Freddo Cappuccino is the iced version of the regular cappuccino coffee, made from instant coffee, water, ice cubes, sugar (optional), and a small amount of cold frothed milk on top. The Freddo Espresso is the cold version of espresso coffee, made with a double shot of espresso coffee mixed with ice cubes. If you love strong coffee, you will love this.

I typically ordered the Freddo Espresso with some water added. The Freddo Cappuccino has become the most widely consumed coffee in Greece over the past 10 years. By the way, you can add a liqueur to any of these and have a lovely evening drink. Considering the Greeks drink coffee well into the evening along with their wine, you will fit right in.

Trip Video

Here is a video of one of our favorite places in all of Greece. If you get a chance to visit Naxos. DO IT!

Shopping & Incidentals

Shopping and Incidentals – $150

We didn’t do a lot of shopping in Greece, and luckily we didn’t have any significant expenses like in the past, so that was good. I have to say; I wish I would have packed less because Athens and especially Thessaloniki is a great place to buy clothes, handbags, and shoes. You could find many things made in Greece, many high-quality items for reasonable prices.  I wrote a post called Your Complete Travel Guide For Thessaloniki – The Hidden Gem of Greece where I list the best areas for shopping along with other travel information for Thessaloniki.   


The one thing we didn’t give enough consideration to was the cost and exchange rate to convert our money; although, once we figured out increased cost we tried to use a credit card whenever possible along with curbing our spending.  

Cell Phone – $100

We have our cell phone bill which includes international calling. We go through T-Mobile, and our bill is around $100 a month. Because we are longterm travelers, we will be giving up our phone plan starting the end of June for a SIM card. The SIM card will reduce our phone cost to $40 per month, $30 for the SIM card and $10 to put Joel’s phone number on hold. We have gone down to one phone because Joel’s phone fell out of the backpack in Corfu and broke. That was an awful day :(. It’s funny though we never thought we could live without two phones, its been okay and we will save money, so maybe it’s for the best for now.

Storage unit back home – $100


We loved our time in Greece, and we would return in a heartbeat.  We didn’t go to as many restaurants or sit down dinners as we have in the past, which to be honest the take-out food is so good in Greece was so good we didn’t miss it. The cultural experience has been to be one of the most memorable we’ve had to date.

Seeing ruins, statues, artifacts, and buildings some which date back to the classical age between 800 BC to 500 BC was an experience neither of us will ever forget. We loved everything about Greece, and we encourage anyone considering a trip to this beautiful country to do it as soon as possible, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. 

We have many blog posts and videos of our time in Greece, and if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us as we would be happy to help.  Many of the posts I included in this article.  If you are interested in more information regarding traveling to Greece be sure to search Greece in the search box on our website for more information.  In addition, we’ve added a lot of videos of our travels on our YouTube channel which may not be on our website.  You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.  

Closing Words

We hope you found this article on the Cost of Living for a Couple in Greece both interesting and informative. We enjoy bringing all of this information to our subscribers in hopes that other couples follow our footsteps and find great places to travel and discover the world.

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Our goal while traveling the world is to help couples find the best cultural experiences in every country while keeping costs very reasonable. We have become experts in planning travel and not breaking the bank!!

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