Corfu Greece Travel Guide (with video)

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Corfu Greece Travel Guide

In this blog post, we will show you the highlights of what to expect when traveling to Corfu and give you a travel itinerary of things to do & where to stay while on the island. We travel the world, spending one month in each country. We choose to spend one month in each country because we want to experience the culture in order to pass on relevant information to our subscribers.

Greece was on our bucket list from Day one and Corfu was a big part of that.  We wanted to see the difference between the Greek islands to the South and Corfu, which is on the northwest side of Greece’s mainland.

Ferry or Flight?

Because we fly everywhere, we decided to do this a little different. Depending on where you are, will most likely influence your decision in regards to transportation options.

Before our stay in Corfu, we stayed in the city of Thessaloniki, so we decided to take a bus and then a ferry to Corfu. Our decision to take the bus and ferry worked out great and we highly recommend it! We were able to see a beautiful part of Greece while not having the stress of driving. The northern part of Greece was so green and lush, with many mountains and hills, it’s gorgeous!!

If you decide to take the ferry, Igoumenítsa is the port town on mainland Greece from which to catch the ferry to Corfu Town. Don’t be too worried if you miss a ferry as they depart nearly every hour through the day. There are “normal and “fast” boats, and you can buy the tickets right before you board the ferry.

If you decide to fly you will probably fly from Athens or Thessaloniki and take Olympic or Aegean airlines. Those two airlines fly year-round to Corfu. If you’re traveling during the tourist season, there will be other options in regards to what airline you can take. 

Driving On Corfu

Rental Car

If you’re considering a rental car on Corfu, you’re going to get a piece of really great advice that could save your marriage. Haha. If you have not driven a stick shift (manual) in a long time, we highly recommend you pay the extra dough and get the automatic. This advice is coming from first-hand experience after renting a stick shift.

Two things that will happen to you while driving on Corfu.

#1. Corfu has many hills with one-way streets, especially in the small towns. It’s challenging if you’re not proficient driving a stick shift up a mountain with 50° angles, while having another car coming the other way, slowing down, stopping, putting it back into first gear, and get going again. Honestly, this was probably the most significant stressor of our stay on Corfu. There were a handful of stressful times where we didn’t know how we were going to get out of a situation. Luckily, everything worked out fine, but we would have loved an automatic on Corfu.

Side Story- When we first rented the car, it was beeping continuously for the first 10 minutes. Then we figured out the parking brake (emergency brake) was on.

#2 You will notice when visiting all of these small towns, especially during peak season that parking can be next to impossible. There’s nothing worse than having to park on a downhill or uphill slope only to come back to find another car parked two inches from your bumper. Then on an uphill lie, having to put it into first gear and take off when a vehicle parked inches behind you.

*** IMPORTANT TIPMake sure you get an international driving license, many car rental companies will not rent a car to you without the international license! It’s really easy to obtain at your local AAA office.

How long does it take to drive around the island?

This is a loaded question, but I’ll tell you what we did, and you can go from there. We traveled to the north part of the island on the first day and the south part the second day. If you want to take your time, I would say 3-4 days is what you would need to see many different beaches and towns. We started on the north side and drove all around the coast. We strongly recommend that you watch the video below to get a sense of what it’s like to drive around Corfu. We didn’t get too much of the interior of the island except for when we crossed over from our Airbnb.

Beaches and Towns along The Sea

One thing we liked about Corfu was the small towns throughout the island, along the sea. We suggest you stop at several as they have their own distinctive vibe. Walk around, have a bite to eat or a drink, and relax. At the very least, sit on the beach for 20 minutes. These small, quaint villages seemed to line the coastline of Corfu.

Now we want to get into our route and what we thought about our different stops along the way.

Day #1 – Northern section of the Island of Corfu

Stop #1 – Agia Triada Beach

We only stayed at this beach for about 20 minutes. It was actually a pit stop along the way to our original destination of Porto Timino. Like many of our stops throughout Corfu, parking was an issue. We were there in May, but I’m sure during the summer months it’s dreadful. None of the businesses want you to park in front of their place, and there are just not many options along the street. Again, we were not there very long, and we didn’t research into where parking is for this area. There could be a parking lot that is convenient for everybody. We just didn’t see one.

The beach was pretty, more of a rocky beach than sand. There were lots of lounge chairs and a place to rent boats. The area had a small resort-like feel. This beach would probably be an excellent fit for children, as there was a bay area and the waves were on the smaller side. There is a restaurant/bar towards the back of the beach, as well as bathrooms. We could see how this would be very convenient. You didn’t have to walk very far at all to get food, drinks, or use the restroom.

Stop #2 – Porto Timino Beach

This beach was like food that looks terrible on the outside, but once you take a bite, you’re in love.

Parking –
We drove to the end where the GPS told us to go. It turned out to be a dead end with not a lot of room to maneuver. This was another instance when it sucked to be driving a stick shift, with no place to back up, going forward all while shifting gears and trying to avoid cars and buildings was not a good start to Porto Timino Beach. Once we got turned around and started to drive down the hill, we realized quickly there was no parking available for quite a stretch even along the road.

Again, we were there in May, so I’m sure July and August will be even more challenging to find parking. Just be prepared for a 10-15 min walk to get to the start of the trail. There is a place that you can park on the left-hand side as you drive towards the beach. I think it was €5 for the day.

*** Caution, be careful and look out for signs of where you’re not allowed to park. One sign said it was a €200 fine for parking in the wrong place.

Hike Down to the Beach –
We didn’t research this place enough. We both wore sandals, and it was a moderately strenuous hike down to the sea. We suggest you wear running shoes or hiking sandals. The hardest part about the walk was the sharp rocks that you had to go through on many occasions on the way down. Christie had to turn around; her feet started to get sore from the rocks (she wore thin sandals). FYI we hike a lot while traveling, so we’re not total wimps.  lol.

Location of Trail –  The video will show you exactly where the entrance is.

Within five minutes of hiking the trail, you’ll realize why people love this beach and area. You’re up very high, so you will have a great vantage point of the beautiful ocean colors and Agios Georgios Beach off to the left. Once you’re around 10 minutes into the hike, you’re going to have gorgeous views for the entire trek down the mountain to the beach. Be careful if you have children as there are no railings on the left-hand side of the hike and if you fell, you’d be in trouble.

The crown jewel is when you get down to the water. There are two separate beaches as you can see on the video. It looks like two small bays, back to back bay or beaches to the right which appeared less busy. I think it’s because there is more wind on that side and also the beach is rockier. The beach is a great spot to spend an hour or two, do some swimming, have some lunch and recharge your batteries. The hike up is all uphill.

*** Tips for this beach- Wear good shoes, bring lots of water, watch your kids and pack something to eat.  We travel with an insulated cooler backpack which works great for these occasions.

*** Side tip if you have a drone bring it, I got some amazing shots while at this beach.  Here’s the drone we use and recommend.   

Day 1 continued…

Stop #3 – Agios Georgios Beach

We suggest that you visit this beach right after Porto Timino Beach. It’s very close, and it’s such a pleasant contrast to the hike you just have finished. You will pull-up, park your car, get out, walk 40 steps and you’re sitting on the beach. haha. Agios Georgios Beach was our 2nd favorite beach on our first day. We enjoy going to beaches that have many things to do. Of course, there is a time and a place for having a whole desolate beach to yourself, but with that comes inconveniences.

Agios Georgios Beach had lots of things to do. First off, it’s a vast beach so you can walk up and down for probably a mile. For those people that love walking on the beach, this is the beach for you. Another thing we liked was how many restaurants were along the boardwalk area. There were plenty of opportunities for food stops along the boardwalk. We also saw some people wind sailing and a boat rental area.

Agios Georgios Beach would be an excellent option as a town to stay while in Corfu. We did not stay here, but there were quite a few resorts and considering there are many activities in this area we wouldn’t hesitate recommending Agios Georgios Beach as a home base. We love the mixture of amenities and tranquility on this beach. We had a sense of total relaxation with the added convenience of walking a few hundred feet for a drink or a bite to eat.

Here’s a couple of top rated properties in Agios Georgios Beach which are in the heart of the town.

Eleana Apartments & Studios

Apartments Sissy

Stop #4 – Avlaki Beach

Although this was one of our stops, we only spent about 10 minutes here. Don’t get me wrong; it was beautiful. The colors of the sea were gorgeous, and it was tranquil, VERY QUIET. It was very windy (I don’t know if this is common) with large rocks, not sand. From what we could see, there were a few restaurants but not many. The one bonus is you won’t have trouble parking here. lol. There is a hike that is supposed to be beautiful that takes around an hour from this beach over to the next beach on our list which is Agios Stefanos.  

Stop #5 – Agios Stefanos

Before we get started, I want readers to be aware that when you put Agios Stefanos in Google, it brings you to the other side of the island for some reason. How we found this place was by merely searching for the restaurant we went to called the Wave Cocktail Bar.

Agios Stefanos was our favorite beach we went to on this day. We loved the small fishing village vibe, along with the gorgeous views of boats and the sea.  It had a calm, relaxed feeling, especially when sitting at one of the various restaurants along the shoreline having a much-needed drink.

When we first arrived, we walked around the bay to get a few drone shots; you’ll see those in the video below. After finishing getting some great pictures and aerial footage, we walked up and down the boardwalk, checking out the various restaurants. There are 6 to 7 restaurants that have similar food, with lots of fish choices (most along the water).

We chose Wave Cocktail Bar, and we made the right decision on this for sure. We weren’t looking for dinner or a large lunch, although you could order from their full menu. We didn’t feel like spending €60 right before going home. We just wanted a simple appetizer and a few drinks. We found after reading all the menus the Wave Cocktail Bar had some of the best prices. The bonus? The service was some of the best we’ve had during our world travel tour. It was nice to see a server and the owner with a smile on their face and looking like they totally enjoyed what they do.  We generally have found the service in Europe as compared to what we are used to in the United States to be less than accommodating (putting it mildly).  

We had a few glasses of wine, a great tasting pizza while sitting in the comfortable couches overlooking the ocean. After a long day walking, hiking, and driving, it was nice to sit down and almost fall asleep in a chair. Haha. This is another area we would seriously consider staying if we were to return to the Island of Corfu.

Here’s a couple of top rated properties in Agios Stefanos Beach which are in the heart of the town.

Pictures Suites

Sugar & Almond

This concludes our itinerary for Day 1 of our Northern Corfu beach exploration day. One of the reasons we stayed central on the island was so we could see both sides without having a long drive on the way home. If you were to stay on one end of the island or the other, it could be at least a 2-hour drive to get back at night. You may want to keep that in mind when booking your trip. If you’re going there to chill out, lie on the beach and drink, it’s probably not going to be a problem. If you are looking to explore the island, I would suggest you stay central, such as Corfu Town area.

Here’s a couple of top rated properties in Corfu Town which are in the heart of the town.

Puppet Guesthouse

NJ Corfu Liston Apartments


Corfu Greece Travel Guide

This video goes over 2 days of driving throughout the island of Corfu and an in-depth Corfu Greece Travel Guide. There were areas we loved, others not so much. It also talks about the driving and some tips you should definitely know before renting a car

Day 2 – Exploring Corfu

Day #2 – Southern section of the Island of Corfu

The beginning of Day 2 was a little bit of a bummer. Reason being? Yesterday, we found our favorite beach on the whole island but didn’t have a lot of time to sit, relax and enjoy it. We are always on the go as travel bloggers, which sometimes gets frustrating. That being said, we still love what we’re doing and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Stop #1 – Agios Gordios Beach

What an awesome spot this was! Sooo much to do. First, we walked down the main street and did some shopping. (You have to walk down the main road to get to the beach) We both got a pair of sunglasses. Bonus? They were €5 each. It was the best price we found for those cheap sunglasses. Throughout Greece, they were usually €10.

There are many bed and breakfasts or smaller boutique hotels lining the mountains with vast views of the sea and beach throughout Agios Gordios. Everything you need on vacation is here. There are lounge chairs, restaurants, large hotels with pools, and smaller, more intimate hotels. Most of the restaurants have free Wi-Fi and chairs if you decide to eat on the beach.

On the video, we show the menu of one of the restaurants. One of the best things was how inexpensive some of the restaurants were. You could have a nice lunch and a drink for under $20. We walked to one end of the beach where the large hotels are to check out the amenities for people on vacation. This part of the beach was the area we felt was the most beautiful; the rock formations were spectacular. The only negative was the parking. We had to park around 5 minutes out of town; although, I’m sure if you are staying in one of the hotels that won’t be a problem.

Here’s a couple of top rated properties in Agios Gordios Beach which are in the heart of the town.

Agios Gordios Beach Resort

Sea Breeze Hotel & Apartments

Stop #2 – Prasoudi Beach

Prasoudi Beach was honestly in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even know how people know about this place. Haha. The drive to get here was long, empty and windy roads for a good 40 mins. When we arrived we saw one restaurant, and the beach had two people on it. If you’re looking to escape life and people, this might be the place for you. For us? We’d be bored in an hour. It also didn’t look like the best swimming, and it was windy.

Stop #3 – Mavroudis Olive Oil Factory Museum and Shop

Mavroudis Olive Oil Factory Museum and Shop is not a beach, but it was one of our favorite things we did during our time on Corfu. We heard and read about the importance of olives on the island. We thought it would be a great idea to tour an olive plantation and learn some history. When we pulled up, the parking lot was empty. We honestly didn’t even know if it was open. But sure enough, two guys came out who looked like brothers. We asked if we could tour their facility and he said sure, come on over. He took us through the museum and explained timelines, tools, and some history of the olive oil trade on Corfu.

He was a bit salty but funny at the same time. All we could do was laugh. We’d repeat something he said to verify (he was a little hard to understand sometimes), and he’d quickly yell back, “That’s Not What I said.” 

After the tour of the museum, he took us into the factory and showed us how olive oil is made. Then he let us sample different types of olive oil. It was fascinating when he was explaining the differences between extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, and the best way to infuse these different flavors. The best thing of all? It was FREE, and the olive oil was excellent. We couldn’t help but purchase a few of the flavored olive oils before leaving, although there was no pressure to buy.

Stop #4 – Halikounas Beach

The last and final stop of our two-day journey was Halikounas Beach. We came here because it got such great reviews online. I don’t know if this changes in the summer, but it was pretty desolate when we got there. There were a few cars, and the beach itself was really windy. We didn’t walk down the entire beach, so I don’t even know if there was a restaurant. Halikounas Beach seemed like a beach you would go to with a bunch of friends, bring a barbecue, an ice chest and hang out all day throwing a Frisbee. To be honest, I’d probably skip this beach in your itinerary, especially if you visit the olive oil museum because it will mean some backtracking distance wise.


Closing Words

Our Corfu Review and Wrap-Up

Corfu was a fun time for a week, but being totally honest we much preferred the southern Greek islands of Naxos, Santorini, etc. Corfu just doesn’t compare, in our opinion, to the beauty of the other islands. There was a great deal of trash that would pile up on the side of the road all over the island. The roads were not much fun to drive on, and the drivers were crazy. I think everybody should experience this island, as it does have a unique style and beauty.   

Hopefully, this blog post – Corfu Greece Travel Guide gives you some insight and helps you maneuver throughout the island during your visit. When traveling to different places throughout the world, we all have our different opinions. I’m sure many people love Corfu and continue to return yearly. For us? We are on to the next adventure and not looking back till next time.

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