Best Islands & Caves Tour On Corfu


For the past five months, we’ve been traveling around the world, exploring and finding great travel destinations for our travel community. The last week of our month-long stay in Greece was on the island of Corfu, and we were lucky enough to pick one of the best day tours on Corfu.  Here’s our opinion of the Best Islands & Caves Tour On Corfu.

We try and do at least one tour in every city that we visit. In Corfu, we decided to take the Paxoi, Antipaxoi & Blue Caves Cruise with Let’s Book Travel. We were really impressed with the company and the excursion. This tour was very relaxing, mentally, physically, and even on your wallet. We thought this tour was an excellent value for your money.

When you book the tour with Let’s Book Travel, they will coordinate a pickup time with you depending on what hotel or resort you’re staying at. We were the first ones to be picked up, so our bus ride was about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Our bus took us to Kavos port at the south end of the island. Some of the vacationers we picked up were only 10 minutes from the final destination, and others were 40 minutes.

When you get to the dock, you pick up your tickets and wait for the boat. The boat is coming from the other end of the island, so we had to wait for about 10 minutes. You’ll know the boat is coming because you can hear the music, the party is already getting started! We were laughing as it was still only 9 in the morning.

Yummy Food & Drinks

The Boat

The boat was the perfect size with just the right number of passengers without it being overcrowded. There is a lower and top deck with lots of seating, with seating in the sun and shade. There were bars on both levels. Most of the people sat on the top floor as it was a beautiful boat ride and the weather was nice. We went on the excursion in May; if you take the tour on a cooler day, you might be down below as the wind would make it cold.

Food and Drinks

To our surprise, the food and drinks were great in regards to price. We thought because of the reasonable ticket cost, the food and drink prices might be jacked up, but they weren’t. It was a pleasant surprise being able to buy a drink for $3 to $6 and have hot dogs or hamburgers for $4 or $5. The food was good, and they had a barbecue on the boat cooking food to order. You can also get snacks like chips, pretzels, or a sandwich.

The Crew

The crew members were great. The bartenders were upbeat and happy. The MC on the boat loved his life and his job. He was funny, upbeat, and a pleasure every time he got on the microphone. He would crack jokes continuously. The video shows how he got everybody up dancing on the way home. It was a blast!

The Blue Caves

The blue caves were a pleasant surprise. We didn’t know what to expect, to be honest. The blue caves are spectacular, and the boat will go right into the caves!! There is a guided narrative throughout, so you will have some history about what you are seeing. Make sure you watch the video in this post so you can get an idea of the experience.


The next stop is the crystal blue waters of Voutoumi, which is gorgeous. Everybody pretty much decided to swim on the boat, and if you look at the video, you’ll understand why. The crystal clear water is breathtakingly beautiful with colors you can only dream of. It’s so easy to see fish and other sea life with the range of view in the clearness of this water. We were there in May, so the water was a little chilly, but that didn’t stop anybody, including myself.

One Of The Best Tours We Have Done! And It Didn’t Break The Bank

Island of Paxos

After swimming, we went to the island of Paxos, and this was the highlight of our day. The small island is pretty impressive, to say the least. The minute you step foot on Paxos, you can feel the relaxed vibe. It’s such a lovely walk along the ocean and the harbor, depending on what you want to call it.

There are many restaurants with all different types of food and drinks. We stopped and had a Greek salad,  bruschetta, and wine. Everything was really good, and our waiter was great. He was living on the island working for 3 or 4 months before he decided what he wanted to do with his life. He was telling us how relaxing the island was and how much he loved it. He also mentioned how busy Paxos gets in the summer months of July and August. I think we went at the perfect time in May. It was warm enough to enjoy the boat ride and not busy on the island yet. After lunch, we walked around, got some ice cream, saw an eel, lots of fish, and got on the boat to head back to Corfu Island.

The Drive Home

This was when a lot of the fun started as you can see in the video. A lot of the people on the boat were drinking all day long and got their dance moves on for the ride home. Many of the passengers were up dancing around and having a fun time. It was fun to watch everybody enjoy the ride home and the day in general. The video shows a Greek dance ( I think) and music which was cool to see. The MC was the one that got everything started. What a great end to a beautiful day.

In Review

If you visit Corfu, we highly suggest that you contact Let’s Book Travel for this tour. Again, one of the things that we loved was how much you felt you got for the money. It was a perfect full day for only $30.  It was a great boat ride, beautiful swimming, fantastic caves, crystal clear blue waters with a stop on a beautiful Island. What else can you ask for?? Till next time.

Disclaimer: This article was brought to you in collaboration with Let’s Book Travel. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Blue Caves, Swimming, and Paxos Island

We LOVED this day! We got to swim in some of the clearest waters we have ever been in and see the quaint, charming and relaxing island of Paxos. This was one of our favorite videos of a tour we have done.


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