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While staying in Lisbon, we found one of the best food tours so far in our travels. According to Forbes Magazine, Culinary Backstreets is considered one of the best in the world. We put a lot of time and research into finding the perfect Lisbon food walking tour for our subscribers. 

We try and go on at least one tour/excursion in every city that we visit. In Lisbon, we decided to take the Hidden Flavors of the Hillside: Mouraria & Graça with Culinary Backstreets Walk

After meeting our guide Martim in Moniz Square, we headed with our small group through the cobblestone walkways of Mouraria.  We visited the area of Mouraria & Graca during this walking tour.


Mouraria has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years. What was once considered a run-down area of the city, Mouraria is now a multicultural, vibrant section of Lisbon where rents are rising, and businesses are thriving. You can’t help but fall in love with the entwining cobblestone streets, expansive food options, and eclectic boutiques which line the walkways.  Martim walked us through the hills of Mouraria, pointing out the best fish markets, villas, churches, and artwork displayed throughout the area. Some of the artwork included a tribute to Fado singers, which is a type of music famous in Lisbon.


It was lovely to see the beautiful views while walking the hilly streets of charming Graca. Graca is one of Lisbon’s oldest, non-touristy suburbs, located on the highest hill in Lisbon. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as much of your walking between stops include cobblestone hills. We stopped at various shops; small neighborhood owned restaurants and landmarks. We even saw a recently discovered ancient ruin. 

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Beautiful views, awesome drinks and great food!

One of our first stops was a small neighborhood shop where we tried Favaios, a Moscat type wine which we found to be slightly sweet. As we walked through the streets of Mouraria, our guide Martim told many stories of the area, along with pointing out monuments and buildings while informing us about the city’s past. The view from atop these streets was breathtaking, as we looked over the rooftops towards the ocean it was gorgeous.

We walked by buildings which showed artistic depictions of Lisbon life. It was great to have a local tell us the meaning of the art on the walls and buildings we walked by. We would have never walked in these areas had we not taken this Lisbon food tour. It was a lot of fun exploring one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon and even seeing the Palace of the Royal Family.

We went by a shop to sample local cheese and wine. The shop owner was saying that he had to move his store after 30 years because of eviction. Every morning the shop owner wakes up at 5 AM, travels to the local markets where he buys fresh fruit, bread, and pastries for the store.Many parts of Lisbon are in a state of revitalization due to the tourist boom, which is evident by the signs of remodeling and rebuilding throughout the area.   

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At our next stop, we tasted Ginjinha or Firewater as it’s commonly referred to in Lisbon. It’s a Portuguese liqueur made with sour cherries, and it’s a strong alcoholic drink, found primarily in Lisbon. It’s served in a shot glass with a cherry at the bottom. What we found fascinating was how organized the guy kept his shop. All hand made signs with no detail left behind. The video below will give you a better idea of what we mean. 

Next, we needed a little pick me up, so we visited one of the oldest operating coffee roasters in Lisbon. Along with coffee, the business is one of the few spice grinder facilities in Portugal. The spices come from several countries around the world, and they include; cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, fennel, white and black pepper, Piri-Piri, and cumin.

Mr. Pina, the owner, is 93 years old and has worked the business for the past 70 years. He continues to run the operations, along with his daughter Helena, they decide the coffee blends and when to roast depending on the weekly demand. The blends use both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, from many different countries, especially the former Portuguese colonies of Angola, Cape Verde, Brasil, East Timor, but also Costa Rica, Guatemala.  We all had a taste of the delicious coffee and offered a bag to take home.

A Few Of Our Many Food Stops

We had three memorable food stops that served some of the best and unique food we’ve had while traveling through Europe. 

Our first stop was a total local joint with a sports bar vibe. We had wine, bread, and clams, which were served in the most delicious wine/olive oil base ever! If you enjoy clams this place is for you. The video has some excellent shots of the dishes. Dipping the bread in the sauce was absolutely to die for!! I’m not kidding this was one of the best dishes we’d ever had.  

One of our favorite food stops was a newer restaurant with a group of amazing chefs who created delicious and fantastic one of a kind dishes. We tried a local Vinho Verde wine, a tasty seafood soup, a couple of excellent seafood appetizers, and homemade bread. The last dish which we loved was a type of Portuguese sushi. They placed sardines on rice and cooked it tableside.

We stopped to pick up chicken and chips made by a local who is a favorite popular spot in the area.  The chicken was prepared with a spiced blend and it melted in our mouth.  Joel said it was the best chicken he’s ever had.  Unfortuantaely we couldn’t get the receipe.

Our last stop of the tour was to try a pastel de nada, which is a Portuguese custard tart along with a shot of firewater. We hung out for a while with everyone that was in our tour group before a quick Uber ride home. Simply fabulous is all we can say!

Lisbon Food Tour

Check out the video of our Lisbon Food Tour!

Culinary Backstreets In Review

In Review

We didn’t list every stop, every food or all the places Martim took us. It can vary depending on the time of year or whatever hidden gems they may find. Also, we didn’t want to take the surprise out of it for anyone that decides to take this tour, so we purposely left out a few stops.

We were so impressed with the places we visited, the various choices of food, and the overall experience that we had during this tour. Martim made this day an unforgettable experience, he was very knowledgeable, and friendly. He took us to non-touristy local restaurants while showing us areas we would never have found on our own. As a bonus, we learned some local Lisbon history along the way.

Everyone in our small group of seven seemed really happy and pleased with Culinary Backstreets. If you visit Lisbon, we highly suggest that you contact Culinary Backstreets for one of the walking food tours.

Disclaimer: This article was brought to you in collaboration with Culinary Backstreets Walk. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. We do not receive any monetary compensation should you decide to book one of the Culinary Backstreet tours. All opinions are those of 2 Traveling Lovers.

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