Am I Crazy To Drive a Scooter From Las Terrenas To Las Galeras??

Am I Crazy To Drive a Scooter From Las Terrenas To Las Galeras??

When we decided to ride our scooter (pasola) from Las Terrenas to Las Galeras, we thought, no big deal we’ve been driving this thing for a week….we are pros. Lol

It turns out this is a bit scarier than we had anticipated, partly because it rained heavily during the last 30 minutes of the ride to Las Galeras. One thing we wanted to warn everybody thinking of taking this journey by scooter, is to watch out for the potholes!!! From Samana to Las Galeras there are many potholes, which are hard to see in the shade or when it’s raining. They are massive and deep, and in many cases, they come upon you so quickly you can’t move the scooter in time.

The whole ride is only 42 miles or 68 kilometers, but don’t be fooled, this takes a lot longer than you think. I would say on average the actual time on the scooter is going to be in between three and four hours. Also, Your ass is going to hurt so be aware of that haha.

“All Good Things Are Wild And Free.”

 5 top tips driving from Las Terrenas to Las Galeras

1. Be sure the weather is going to be sunny on your drive to Las Galeras; it started raining halfway through our trip, which made the trip more difficult. 

2. Once your scooter gas gauge hits half-full start looking for gas stations to fill up. They are few and far between after Samana.

3. Once you hit Samana start looking out for potholes on the road all the way to Las Galeras. There’s a stretch about 7 to 10 km that have huge potholes that are hard to see in the shade or rain. The video shows you one of the average ones. There were way worse though.

4. Take your time and enjoy it. It’s a gorgeous drive. There’s a lot of beautiful views of the Samana Bay. If you are driving, be careful looking around at all the sights. Things come up so, and you can’t react fast enough. This happened once to me, and luckily I was able to learn my lesson with just a sore butt.

5. Take the Zip Line Road all the way up to the Dominican Treehouse Hotel area. There you can park your scooter and take a 10-minute walk into a swimming hole. You can also walk across a drawbridge and get a peek of The Dominican Treehouse hotel and the pool. It’s very cool to see. If you would like to stay here, this is the link.

A small extra tip would be to make sure the oil is good on the scooter before you leave.

Where Did We Stay??

Where Did We Stay?

We stayed at a unique bed and breakfast in Las Galeras. It’s called La Rancheta and its a 5-minute drive from the main street in the jungle. It is a rustic, quiet, relaxing place with very few luxuries. We liked it because it was close to town and it has that “camping feel.” It’s very quiet, and you feel like you in the jungle in the middle of nowhere if you’re interested in checking it out click here for our link. 

Scooter trip from Las Galeras to Las Terrenas

For anyone thinking of taking a scooter from Las Galeras to Las Terrenas, here is our trip

The Dominican Treehouse Village and More…

The Dominican Treehouse Village

One of the things we did that was cool on the way home was to stop at the Dominican Treehouse Village. This village is in a beautiful valley with treehouses linked by rope bridges. There is an infinity pool overlooking the jungle, a yoga studio, private firepit areas, with hammocks and swinging chairs. There are many nearby activities which include, ATV’s, zip lining, waterfalls, hiking, whale watching, paddle boarding, and snorkeling to name a few.

There is a rope swing at a waterfall you can hike to, near the Dominican Treehouse Village. It’s cool to see, and we highly suggest that you make time on your way to or from Las Galeras or while in Samana to check this place out.

How Do I Get There?

This is how you get there from Las Galeras: right before you enter into Samana take the Zip Line Road to the right and drive all the way to the end. This video included in this blog shows what it looks like and how to get there.

Back to the question, Am I crazy to drive a scooter from Las Terrenas to Las Galeras??

Summing the whole trip up in a few sentences would be this. It was a fantastic experience, tons of great views, Las Galeras is great, and The DominicanTreehouse hotel was cool. Would we do it again? Probably but not for a long time. When we look back at the trip, there were many situations we put ourselves in that were perhaps not the safest. If you are an experienced rider, it should be no problem. Also, we did this on a scooter, with two people and two backpacks. When we look back at it, we laugh, but I guess when we’re trying to blog to fellow traveling couples we need to be honest. Be aware, take your time and Be SAFE.  Hope you enjoy the video.


Closing Words

More Blog Posts and Videos From Las Galeras & Samana

If you’re interested in seeing more on Las Galeras, including the beautiful Playa Fronton Beach (where we chased whales), click here. We also, have a post and video on our whale watching trip in Samana. Click here to see that one. If you’re interested in seeing our night out in Las Galeras after driving through the rain, click here

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