20 Best Travel Accessories Everyone Should Pack In 2019

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 Based upon our personal experience, we have compiled this comprehensive list of the “20 Best Travel Accessories Everyone Should Pack in 2019.” These are items we personally use regularly, many on a daily basis which we recommend as the items we can’t live without (or would rather not).  As full-time travelers, we have learned through trial and error what makes sense to pack and what is just another item you will hate lugging around by the end of your “vacation.” Believe me; we have made some mistakes when it comes to packing.

The last thing you want to do is lug around 10 lbs. of unnecessary items. Besides, you probably want to bring items that will organize and make your life easier rather than weigh you down.  As Joel says “dresses and shoes aren’t important, most likely memories and experiences are the reason you travel.”  The following is our list in no particular order.

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1. Travel Backpack with a cooler bag which doubles as my carry on bag and our backpack when hiking or sightseeing.

We use the Primocean Backpack with an insulated cooler bag as my carry on bag on the plane and as our cooler backpack at our final destination. We used to use a different backpack; we switched to this one because it’s made of durable material with quality zippers and comfortable straps. We love this backpack!! We wish we would have found this item a long time ago.

2. Lightweight Foldable Travel Backpack for short outings or when you don’t want to carry a purse.

We use this compact foldable backpack almost as much as we use our cooler backpack. It’s great if you want a smaller backpack and you don’t need a cooler. Sometimes I take it in place of my purse when Joel has the larger cooler backpack. It’s washable, and it folds into a convenient small zipper pouch for traveling.  We have both the medium and large sizes; we use the large size the most (medium is more like an average sized purse). 

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 3. Portable Charger

We travel with two portable chargers, and we use them all the time because we have so many items that require charging. We don’t leave home without at least one power pack. We purchased the ZMI powerpack; it works with both iPhones and Samsung phones.

4. DJI Drone

A drone may or may not be for everyone if you’re considering a drone you may want to take a look at this DJI Spark with remote control.  We have taken some amazing footage with this drone. It’s compact, durable, and easy to fly which makes it a consideration for the traveler looking for more unique photo options. It comes in a durable case, and it fits in both our backpack cooler bag and our foldable travel backpack.

5. Unisex Travel Canvas Purse/Bag

I switched my purse to a more durable canvas bag before leaving on our travels. I wanted something durable, cute, large enough for my tablet, and travel wallet. The bag is unisex, and it comes in black or tan.  It’s been great for traveling.  It’s called Egoelife Unisex Casual High-Quality Canvas Satchel Bag.

6. The E-bags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Bag

This bag has five sections, and it holds a lot of toiletries. We also, pack 2 snap-n-close plastic food containers for makeup and smaller items, which we later use in our travel backpack cooler for sandwiches, etc.  It’s called Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Bag.  

7. Packing Cubes

I love these because they keep my clothes compressed and organized within each cube. We purchased a set of various sizes, and we use them on every trip. Joel even uses one of the small bags for computer and phone charging cords. We use the JJ POWER Travel Packing Cubes; they come in a pack of 6 for under $20.

8. Universal Power Outlet

A universal power outlet is a “must have” when traveling internationally. We purchased a power outlet before leaving on our world traveling trip, and I wish we would’ve bought two. It would be nice to have one for the electronics; computers, drone, GoPro, cell phones, battery chargers, and one for the bathroom for the hairdryer, etc. This one has 4 USB ports along with the power outlet and it works great!

9. Passport Wallet & Organizer

This passport wallet doubles as my actual wallet, and it’s great because it’s organized with a section for our passports, money, credit cards, change, and it zippers closed. It’s easy to find when I need to look for documents for TSA or immigration.

10. Durable, Economical Carry On Suitcase

After four months of lugging around (actually, Joel did most of the lugging for this suitcase) a 25-inch suitcase weighing 50 pounds or sometimes more, we decided it was time to purchase a smaller suitcase before heading to Europe. To be honest, since we travel full-time I was a little stressed out about this down-sizing because I was worried I would run of things I needed.  Over the past 12 days, we’ve moved 4 times and I’m so happy to have this smaller suitcase.  It’s so much easier to pull around, and it holds a lot especially with the packing cubes. We switched to the London Fog 21 inch expandable suitcase.

11. Collapsible Water Bottle

The collapsible water bottle is such a space and money saver for a traveler or anyone really.  I was a die-hard for my heavy insulated water bottle until I got sick of trying to fit it into one of our backpacks.  Finally, I switched to the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle and it works great for the airport, hiking, and best yet I’m not contributing to the single-use plastic trash problem.

12. Water Filter

At the beginning of 2019, we traveled to the Dominican Republic, the Yucatan peninsula, and Central America. For the most part, you cannot drink the water in those countries so we purchased the compact Sawyer mini water filter so we could filter our drinking water. We still bought some of our drinking water, but this was great to have in a pinch, especially in those countries where bottled water is really expensive.

20 Best Travel Accessories Everyone Should Pack In 2019

13.  GoPro 7

We use our GoPro every day for taking video and for some still shots. People can argue about quality cameras, and what is better for each situation, but we can tell you with certainty the Go Pro is an excellent camera. Two of the best qualities of the GoPro is it’s rugged and compact for travelers.

14. Handheld Smartphone Gimble

If you have a GoPro, or you take a lot of video with your Smartphone, you may want to consider this handheld Gimble. When we started traveling, we didn’t have a Gimble so much of our video is shaky and can be annoying for the viewer. When we added the Gimble to our GoPro, it smoothed our shots and gave it that cinematic look. We use the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimble.

15. Chromebook Laptop Computer

When we started our trip, we took one laptop and a tablet for me. Because traveling is our business, we spend a lot of time editing videos and writing blog posts; needless to say the tablet was not cutting it and caused a great deal of frustration. It’s great for reading, but for writing and researching it’s awful.

While in Mexico, we decided to purchase the 11 inch HP Chromebook Laptop and I absolutely love it! It’s faster than a standard laptop, it’s big enough so I can see it, and it holds a charge for 10 hours. It’s easy to transport, very portable for travel, great for checking emails, writing, watching a video or browsing the internet. The only thing we don’t use it for is video editing.

16. Comfortable Shoes For Exploring

We do a lot of walking, whether it’s through airports, hiking or visiting the cities sights. It’s so important to have good shoes especially if you are planning on walking a lot. I really like my Teva hiking sandals because they are great for hiking, walking and they are cute! I wanted a comfortable shoe that looked good whether I was hiking or eating at a restaurant.

Joel is still hunting for the perfect hiking/walking shoe, so when we find it, I will add it to this article. He had a bulky (kind of ugly) pair, but a dog stole one while we were in Costa Rica.

17. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We really like this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s 10 watts, with excellent sound quality and a 10-hour playtime. The one we use is the OontZ Angle 3 PLUS – Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

18. Carry on Backpack For Computers & Electronics

Now if you’re not bringing your laptop with you, because you plan on having a vacation with no work involved you probably won’t need this item. Joel carries this backpack as his extra bag on the plane because we don’t want to check our computers, camera equipment, or drone. It’s basically our bag for all our camera and office stuff. We use the AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack.

19. Bring a Biodegradable Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be quite expensive to buy at your final destination, especially on the islands, so we always bring some with us. We like SunBum sunscreen because it’s chemical free, which means it’s safe for ocean life and our skin. It comes in 3 oz to 8 oz bottles, so you are covered whether you check your bags or not. We typically check at least one suitcase, because a lot of our bathroom bottles have more than 3.4 ounces and we have more than the 1-quart size bag of liquids allowable for a carry on.

20. Pack Coffee

This may seem nutty to some, but I am kind of addicted to coffee, and there’s nothing worse than waking up, after a long night of travel and not having coffee. Sometimes we arrive at our location late at night, and many places we stay do not have coffee or even a coffee maker in the room. We usually do not have transportation right outside our door, and finding a Starbucks is out of the question in many places we travel. So I pack a baggie filled with ground coffee along with some small filters so I can make coffee in the room.

Some of the best coffee I’ve had was during our travels through the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Panama. I found the coffee to be less acidic, smooth, and inexpensive. If you want to check them out on Amazon, click the links below. I was able to purchase the ground while in the country; however, it’s a better deal on Amazon to buy the Costa Rican & Panamian coffee beans rather than the ground.

Domincan Republic coffee 
Costa Rican coffee  
Panamanain coffee    

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 Affiliate Disclosure:

2 Traveling Lovers contains affiliate links. If you make purchases through these links, we will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help reduce the ever-increasing cost of keeping this site active, along with enabling us to bring you more quality information regarding travel. Thank you for supporting our blog.

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