10 Travel Tips For The Samana Peninsula

Dominican Republic

After staying on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic for one month, we learned some great travel tips specifically to the Samana Peninsula. We wanted to pass on our ten most important tips when staying on the Samana peninsula.

First, we want to make sure our readers know that we truly put ourselves out there while visiting the Samana Peninsula. We met and spoke with as many locals as possible during our month stay. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the Dominican lifestyle and culture. We met some people during our visit, that gave us great advice on things to do and see which in turn makes our “10 Travel Tips For The Samana Peninsula”  a pretty impressive list (hopefully you agree).  🙂

The biggest roadblock for non-Spanish speakers is the language barrier.   Although the majority of the country does speak Spanish, Las Terrenas has a good number that do speak English and who are more than happy to help.TOP 10 TIPS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

Most of the beaches are very beautiful, but there are a specific few that will make your jaw drop. DO NOT MISS Coson, Playa Bonita, Playa Las Ballenas, Playa Fronton if you can get there. Of course, people are going to have different opinions on which beaches are the best, but these are our top picks.

We went to at least 15 beaches in the Dominican Republic, and these are the ones we found to be the most breathtaking. The reason we liked these beaches? Pretty simple, they are raw, stunning, and empty. Not many tourists, no massive condo complexes or resorts and the ocean water had vibrant turquoise blue waters with golden sand beaches. It was so relaxing and calming to visit these beaches and feel like you are all alone. We have blog posts and videos for most of our favorite beaches.

For Coson & Playa Bonita, click here.

For Playa Fronton click here.

For Playa Ballenas click here.

“To the ocean, I go, to lose my mind & find my soul.”



Safety, Currency App. & ATM Issues

I’m not going to lie; when we first arrived in Las Terrenas, we had culture shock. We didn’t leave our apartment at night for the first five nights. It was honestly a mistake. You always have to be aware of your surroundings, but the local Dominican people are so kind, courteous and giving. We urge everyone who is planning a trip to the Samana peninsula to get out, walk around both during the day and NIGHT. Do some shopping; it’s fun to see all the little stores by the beach area.

The one we downloaded was Google Currency, and it works well. Until you have an excellent handle of the exchange rate, you need to double-check when you’re paying for anything (both of you should download and verify, especially on big purchases).

Many of the ATMs will keep your card until the transaction is complete. We are to machines where the machine gives the card back before the end of the transaction.  Do not walk away thinking you already have your card as you do in America (especially if you are on a night out drinking). We had to learn this the hard way because we left the card in the machine.  It took 2 weeks before we received our new card because of address mix-ups while in Mexico.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

More of our 10 Travel Tips…..

This tip might not be for everybody, but we loved having the scooter (pasola) to buzz around the town. Joel would drive to the store five times a day if he could. We rented one scooter (pasola), and I rode on the back. If you don’t feel comfortable renting one maybe take a ride on the Motoconcho taxi for a short trip or they have ATV’s available too.

For those of you who do decide to rent a scooter keep your eyes focused on the road and other drivers. It’s organized chaos. Although the drivers are very courteous there are no stop lights, stop signs or anything that resembles safety.

I wore a swimsuit everyday. I brought ten pairs of socks and wore one. I wore my running shoes one time, but that’s because I have hiking sandals, so I wore those on our active days. You pretty much live in a swimsuit and coverup or shorts, depending on what you’re doing.  I never used my lightweight jacket once and we stayed in January.

We didn’t see it, but the crime from what we hear is petty theft. A small zipper bag will help to alleviate that issue. Also, your life is going to be about the beach, no need for anything bulky.  I found a really cute one for $10 in a little downtown shop in Las Terrenas.

Joel carries our larger cooler backpack on hikes; however, I carry a smaller nylon backpack which folds up into itself for easy packing. It’s one of the items I use every day while traveling. They come in a few sizes; we have the medium and large.  We use the large size the most.

Whether it’s from the airport or to a destination, they were always clean, air-conditioned and inexpensive.  We wrote an entire blog post on transportation while visiting the Dominican Republic.

We lived on fruit for breakfast and lunch. The fruit is fantastic and cheap. You will be amazed. You can go to the corner fruit stand get a large bag of local fruit for a couple of dollars.

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”   -Wyland

We hope these 10 tips help you. We tried to pass along tips that aren’t on every other blog post on the internet. Keep in mind some tips might differ for people staying a month compared to a week. If you are visiting for a week and staying at an all-inclusive resort or condo, the one thing I would strongly recommend is going into town and experience the local culture.

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These are areas in the Dominican Republic we have traveled to and we recommend staying in these areas based upon our personal experience.  Click on the town to be referred to the booking.com link to each city.

Las Terrenas      

Samana Peninsula  


Las Galeras


Closing Words

I hope you found our 10 Travel Tips For The Samana Peninsula to be useful and you are excited to visit the Dominican Republic.  If you are interested in checking hotel prices we have found booking.com to have the most competitive prices.  Click here to check out hotels.  

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